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Bread Science Learn the Science in Sourdough

Learn the Science in Sourdough. Just Wheat Water and Salt. Organic chemistry and biochemistry will never, by themselves, enable us to create a recipe.  They can, however, help us understand why successful recipes work, and in so doing, help us create new ones that are even better.



Learn the Science in Sourdough

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Wheat Water Salt

and 84 degrees




When grain is milled it becomes flour. Flour consists of proteins (refer to by many as gluten), starch, non-starch polysaccharides, lipids and trace amounts of minerals. As soon as flour is mixed with water the natural yeast on the flour starts to work on sugars in the flour, transforming them into alcohol and carbon dioxide (which we call fermentation), which makes the dough rise. Our focus is for you to understand good bread-making techniques and why.



Brings Life

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Salt increases your sense of sweetness and masks metallic, bitter and other off-flavors. Without it, the bread tastes flat and metallic. Bakers have long known salt increases the mixing time of dough.  Just how does salt and minerals build dough structure? Come learn with us and we will teach you the right time to add your salt and why. We will help improve your bread-making with simple understanding.

"Our classes are a way for you to see, touch, smell, hear and taste the natural fermentation of our local bacteria Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis made famous by San Francisco sourdough. This lactic acid bacteria consumes maltose which breaks down into glucose which then feeds bread yeast. With just the right moisture and temperature the yeast multiply and begins alcohol fermentation. This process creates naturally leavened (levain) breads. Our classes are intended to help you understand why breads behave the way they do. In our beginning courses you will become a better baker - more confident, more knowledgeable and more consistent in your baking. In our advanced sourdough class, you will explore the French autolyse method of bread making.  Autolyse is the process where enzymes in the flour break down the starches and proteins in the dough. This method is known to produce a bread with great texture and complex flavor. We hope you will join us and experience the Science in Sourdough".  -Patricia