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Workshop Summary

Workshop Summary

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Artisanal Sourdough Bread-Making Beginning

In this introductory Sourdough class you will learn artisanal bread-making techniques such as care and feeding of your sourdough starter, bread proofing baskets, bread cooking cloches and hand shaping techniques. The bread made in this course will be easy to recreate. 


Artisanal Sourdough Bread-Making Intermediate

Some starter care knowledge is expected of the student. In this class you’ll learn about the vital stages of the bread making process. This course will provide a demonstrations on two forms of sourdough breads including: no-knead-sourdough and non-traditional stretched breads.


Artisanal Sourdough Bread-Making Advanced

This is a three hour class in which you will experiences all stages of dough development, use bakers percentages, and control proofing temperatures. We will focuses on high-hydration (80%) dough and demonstrate the autolyse method of bread making. 

Those classes you love will be added this Fall with additional locations!