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The Science of Baking

In this blog we will review a recipe and discuss some of the science behind its development. This blog is intended to provided the reader with some insight into what the author of the recipe may have been knowledgeable of during its development. All recipes reviewed are fully published and the author has been noted. There is no intent to discuss the worthiness nor provide any rating of satisfaction of the recipe. We are only reviewing some of the key scientific features that the reader may find interesting.

Posts in science
What's the science behind a sourdough starter?

To characterize and understand the sourdough ecosystem that is defined as the microflora lactic acid bacterium and its interactions with wild sourdough yeasts you would need to study organic chemistry, microbiology, phenotypic and molecular identification (genetics), all of which have a place.  Fortunately, we can take from these disciplines the understanding of the makeup of sourdough bacteria and yeast to help explain fluctuations in a starter and how to develop a successful starter for baking.

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